What December is teaching me…

Hi everyone! I hope your holiday season is ending on a good note as this year comes to a close! These last few weeks have made it incredibly difficult to find time to write, so here I am on my cell phone in the backseat of a car making it happen!

This month I’ve really tried to be observant of people and the way we are around this time of year. I’m sure I’m not the only one that stopped this weekend and said “Wait, it’s Christmas? How did this happen so fast??” One of the worst things about this time of year is the struggle to be present in each day of the holiday season instead of spending the time worrying about how it’s going by so fast, all the things we have to do, posting about it on social media, etc.

And it doesn’t really hit you until you’re in your living room on Christmas, and everyone has they’re phone out, posting, sharing, and scrolling. Or when you are watching a firework show through Snapchat, instead of looking up and watching yourself. You’re texting your significant other to say you love them instead of telling them in person. You’re sitting in your room at 2am waiting for that person to say they miss you, and your pride is keeping you from doing it yourself. And then something happens, and you wish that time didn’t go by so fast. You wish you didn’t wait or hesitate to do or say what you really wanted to.

I hate regretting things. I don’t believe it is healthy or necessary. And change is scary. However, if I had a choice to change anything, I would only ask that we are honest, loving, and present with one another. If there’s anything I regret about this year, it is my pride. It is my unwillingness to realize that not everything lasts forever, and it is important to remind each other not just that you love each other, but why you love each other. That it’s okay to be mad, hurt, disappointed, but don’t let it consume you. Don’t let it replace your happiness. If you are in the presence of something amazing, look at it. Feel it. Take the time to make the memory instead of capturing it on your phone.

We don’t need to try to change society, put our phones away for good, delete social media, etc. We don’t need to stop connecting or sharing. Social media is an amazing thing, the way it allows us to connect, but it should stop consuming us. We don’t have spend every minute of our time telling each other that we love each other, but if you love someone, you should tell them. We shouldn’t regret things, but we should let our lessons in life change us.

I hate to bore you with a cliché, but I’m going to. Life is short. Looking back at 2017, there were countless tragedies, unexpected and quick. There were people who loved each other and never had the chance to say. There were people who spent so much time being angry that they lost their chance to be happy again. We need to use these lessons in life to influence how we interact with one another, and more importantly how we interact with ourselves– because our own thoughts and feelings towards a situation affect our happiness more than you know.

In this mess of a post, I guess all I want to say is that 2017 is nearly over. If you haven’t told someone you love that you love them, just tell them. If you are angry at someone you love for a reason that won’t matter in 10 years, forgive them. If you are doing something that matters, allow yourself to live through it and enjoy it before you post about and give your followers that satisfaction. New Years is upon us! And that means that a new beginning is near. So let’s take advantage, shall we?

Happy holidays!

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